Commercial Resolution Services

We take an innovative approach to skilling people in principled negotiation processes, emotional intelligence principles and conflict handling techniques – techniques that provide them with the best means to deal with conflict and disharmony in corporate life.

All three areas are important – conceptual learning, experiential involvement and personal reflection. That is why Dispute Resolvers focus their training on each of these aspects. By comparison, much of what goes for conflict resolution training and most stress reduction techniques rely excessively on conceptual learning, yet most disputes and conflict create effects which operate at a level below our general awareness and in fact can effect us both physically and emotionally.

Under stress and in conflict, people will generally produce responses that are consistent with their personality temperament, but which are not necessarily appropriate in the situation. Our training helps to modulate reactions in particular circumstances to an appropriate response. We see this as the way to utilise the power of the ‘gap between stimulus and response’. It is in this area that we can suspend our tendency for instinctive reaction and instead modify it into a more purposeful and appropriate response.

These techniques are practised within a framework of understanding of the relevant legal framework as well as the particular company ethos and culture. Workshops and role-plays are utilized to locate the physical experiences and utilise skills at both an intellectual and emotional level.

Dispute Resolvers’ services include:

Dispute Handling: assisting organisations with the resolution of disputes through mediative processes.

Dispute Coaching: providing new insights, strategies and skills to enable organisations to transform their workplace culture to better deal with conflict.

Dispute Training: providing training courses in practical emotional intelligence skills and conflict resolution methodologies tailored to the legislative framework and organizational ethos.